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Make and Model

Smith and Wesson Model 13 3" Snubnose Revolver


Originally produced starting in 1974 and used widely in law enforcement and federal law enforcement agencies until its replacement by semi-automatic pistols.


Chambers: 6 Accepted Round: .357 Magnum Accuracy Class: Pistol Average QB Size: Small

Find A Bug?

Contact Octo#8888 on discord with as much information and detail as you can provide so that I may more easily resolve the issue.

Known Bugs

  • Grip falls through spawn platform on first spawn. Not sure what causes this but picking it up and dropping again causes it to behave normally.
  • Gun can't be picked up by touching it. Not sure what causes this either, but using the laser grab works fine.
  • The cylinder cannot be grabbed by touching it. If you know what's causing this (and most likely the above bug) please contact me, I'd like to fix it as it makes using the gun more difficult since you have to flick it closed and it can't be spun.


This is modeled after my personal Model 13 in real life and may not have the same grip as a factory Model 13. There may also be small discrepancies in scale or positioning due to the model-making process. The frame is known to be about 1.85 times too skinny, and as much as I would like to fix this, the model started in 2019 when I knew much less about proper modelling practices, and as such has been such a pain so try and fix that I have simply decided not to. You're welcome to contact me on the modding discord if you'd like to try and take a whack at fixing it.

Available versions

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