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Timed explosives are pretty neat!

Date uploaded 5 months ago
Version 2.23.0
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Generates MonoMod HookGen MMHOOK files during the bepinex preloader phase.

Preferred version: 1.2.3
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OpenScripts2: Return of the Impossible!

Preferred version: 2.0.0


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This contains some scripts for use in my mods (and other peoples now!)

  • AdvancedLaserController: Allows On/Off selection for a list of items.
  • AutoBolt: Used for the PTRD.
  • AutoBoltHandle: Also used on the PTRD cause I didnt know what I was doing while making that.
  • bangerSwitchInterp: I dont think this is ever used, probably dont use it anyways
  • BetterOverheat: Allows for a more configurable overheating gun, similar to Antons compound pistol, just better
  • BreakableArmour: When the collider of this object is shot enough, it breaks.
  • EnergySword: Used for a unreleased Halo energy sword mod. I should really finish that. Includes lunging and blade on/off.
  • FireSubprojAtDistance: Fires a set of subprojectiles when the parent proj has traveled a certain distance.
  • FireSubprojOnTimeOut: Fires the items subprojectiles after a set time range.
  • ForeGripMagRelease: Allows you to drop mags and release the bolt and stuff with a foregrip. used on the Modular Vector.
  • MultiEnableLaserPointer: Old code used for the old MW Lasers. No longer used, DEPRICATED.
  • NightVisionPostEffect: Allows for nightvision in H3.
  • PostEffectScript: More stuff for post effects.
  • ProjectileArmingDistance: My first mod to use BepinEx Config, allows you to not kill yourself accidentally with 40mm grenades (and others soon)
  • ProjectileModeSwitch: Allows you to change what kind of shell your firing. Semi-WIP, stable.
  • ProxGrenade: Elas Grizmot mine. really bad code, pls dont use.
  • ProxGrenadeRing: Didnt know about hookgen, copied the ring. terrible idea.
  • RealisticVisLaser: My version of the laser in H3. Doesnt look aweful at long ranges.
  • ShatterableArmour: Like breakable, but when all the colliders recieve enough damage, it all breaks.
  • ShatterableArmourPiece: A individual component of the shatterable armour.
  • StrobeController: Does the light stobe stuff, can blind sosigs. also configurable thru the config menu.
  • ThermiteFire: Used in the thermite grenade, shoots fire shit everywhere. Should be redone if its to be used in anything bigger than a grenade.
  • ToggleBetweenPoints: Toggles whether somthing is enabled or not between two points. Origionally written for Meat, but he never used it :(
  • TwoStageProjectile: For rockets that go boop.. PEWWW when theyre fired. (think RPG, Javlin, Pike 40mm)
  • SubprojInRichochetDirection: allows for "richocheting" bullets where the subproj is fired in the richoche direction as if light bouncing off a mirror
  • PayloadInheritVelocity: Allows the payload items of a pinned grenade to spawn with equal velocity of their parent
  • SpinnyHoloSight: a non-zeroable sight that has a spin up peroid before activating the reticles
  • ProjectileInheritVelocity: Allows subprojectiles to have their parents velocities! or a multiple of them
  • ProjectileAirburstDetonation: Propper projecitle Airburst! set the standoff and itll fire subprojectiles that far from target!
  • ProjectilePreserveKineticEnergy: Allows a projectile to fire subprojectiles while preserving the kinetic energy of the round firing it.
  • DetonateAfterTime: Will spawn a list of items after a fuse time has ticked down
  • RotateUp: Rotates the item its on to have y up on spawn. untested, let me know if you use this


V1.0.0 -- Initial Release
V1.0.1 - V1.0.12 -- Added a bunch of scripts
V1.0.13 -- Added a new script allowing a foregrip to cause a gun to eject a magazine
V1.13.1 -- Refactored versioning to now allow better bug fixing, also fixed the broken lasers
V1.13.2 -- Refactored (again) to now work with Co-routines. Added more fun stuff to the Vector mag script
V1.13.3 -- More updates for the Vector. it do be fancy
V1.14.0 -- New script for submunitions firing after a set distance, really cool
V1.14.1 -- Fix some general issues
V1.14.2 -- Im dumb and used a wrong value
V1.14.3 -- Whow knew changing code broke things? well now theyre fixed<sbr> V1.14.4 -- Fixed the code things even better, now Ash's NV Scopes will work!
V1.15.0 -- Added arming distances, some other cool stuff, and a config
V1.15.1 -- Fixed the config not working!
V1.16.0 -- Added scripts for the new 40mm rounds
V1.16.1 -- Rollback update till i have time to properly fix the issues
V2.16.2 -- Fixed the problem, probalby broke alot of things in the process. Updates will come.
V2.17.0 -- Added new scripts wrt lasers and strobe lights!
V2.18.0 -- Fixed all the old stuff! strobe lights are still not entirly working tho :(
V2.18.1 -- Fixed the strobe lights, added a scaling ability to the lasers to improve visibility. Added a meatkit version into the pack.
V2.19.0 -- Added subproj ricochet and payload inherit velocity.
V2.20.0 -- Added SpinnyHoloSight. I highly doubt anyone else will ever use this script. Honestly I doubt anyone even reads this shit
V2.21.0 -- Added ProjectileInheritVelocity. This ones cool. I really wish more people were intersted in cool custom ammos ;_;
V2.22.0 -- Added ProjectileAirburstDetonation & ProjectilePreserveKineticEnergy V2.22.1 -- Fixed the bug that causes it to throw errors in meatkit.
V2.22.2 -- I broke somthing, this should fix it
V2.23.0 -- Added DetonateAfterTime & RotateUp.

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