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Taran Tactical 2011

Taran Tactical 2011

By Arpy
Date uploaded 2 years ago
Version 2.1.0
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Downloads 29818
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Taran Tactical 2011

WOW Your very own really expensive and not at all practical gun!!!

Show your friends and family your skills while still being able to pay the bills!

Prove to your dad that if he just bought you one little thing you could compete at a national level!

He's still disappointed in you!!!

This mod includes

• Taren Tactical 2011 • 23rnd 2011 Magazine • Guntuber status

ATTENTION New update comes with 300% more RADICAL AWESOMENESS The developer of this modification finally learned how to CODE PISTOL TRIGGERS TO BE NOT SHIT


1.0 gun 1.1 gun 2 gun harder (better trigger pull) 1.2 • Fixed the mesh issue on the grip (Thanks to Cityrobo for that) • Packaged the gun into a Deli file