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A way to play TNH maps as a sandbox. The second hold is used for spawning supply holds and to test Encryption Nodes. For a better experience, it's recommended to get mods such as Remove_Toolbox_Check and Sosig_Spawner

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A modding framework which provides a uniform way of packaging and loading mods, each containing any type or number of assets.

Preferred version: 0.4.1
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An H3VR plugin for modifying Take & Hold

Preferred version: 1.7.7


Take and Hold Sandbox Mode

A way to play TNH maps as a sandbox. You spawn with nothing at all to optimise ressources a bit, but you can complete an hold to spawn 9 suply points. Continue going though holds and you will fight at least one of each Encryption Nodes at the same time. Everything in the shop console is free and is based from Rickier Dickier Randomer.

Recommended Mods

Remove Toolbox Check SosigSpawner Better SosigSpawner

Patch Notes:

v1.0.0 Intital Release

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