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Folks need heros, Chief. To give 'em hope.

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The next generation of mapping tools for H3VR

Preferred version: 1.0.0



The twelfth map I ported over to H3VR

With 6 Hold Points and 7 Supply Points

Finally, a somewhat larger map than the many tiny ones I've been porting recently, I took the liberty to add as many moving objects and sounds as I could to make the map feel a bit more alive. I really like how it all turned out, even if the elevator is janky.

My first Atlas map, and through some tribulations I got through it with only 2 cataclysmic mistakes. Atlas is great, but I really struggle to understand a lot of it's details, and it kind of shows here.

This'll also be my last map, I think H3VR is really diverse now with many many mods and maps since I started, so I don't really think I'll make another map, at least not for a while.

Here's to another thanks to Prometheuz from the modding discord, really helpful and has been incredibly responsive with the many, many, many questions I ask. Big love once again, my dude.

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