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I have had it with these monkey-fighting wieners on this Monday to Friday airliner! 6 holds, 6 supply points.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

nrgill28-HookGenPatcher_H3VR-1.2.3 icon

Generates MonoMod HookGen MMHOOK files during the bepinex preloader phase.

Preferred version: 1.2.3
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The next generation of mapping tools for H3VR

Preferred version: 1.0.0
Arpy-PuppyScripts-1.4.1 icon

Lots of cool scripts, why don't you give em a try? can't Unity? Shame.

Preferred version: 1.4.1


If you're having trouble using the insertion spawns, please check that you have all dependencies downloaded and enabled, including Arpy's PuppyScripts.


Video Preview

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet map based off of a fan favorite Counter Strike 1.6 map by 3D-MIKE (de_747). Big by airliner standards, but still a pretty claustrophobic map with lots of verticality.

Has 5 holds and 5 supply points, not counting spawn.

Includes two insertion methods: a zipline from a UH-60 into the plane's ramp, and a HALO jump from a C-17. Airstrafing is enabled to help you guide your fall to the plane. The hangar hub area is based off of fy_hangar by timmycakes


Many breakables including breachable hatches, vents, ceiling tiles, cockpit windshields, and cabin doors.






Breaching a cabin door will create explosive decompression that lasts for 1 minute around that door. If you don't want to get sucked out, keep your feet on the ground!


Also if you step onto the wing, be careful around those engines!

He didn't fly so good


Special thanks to Prometheuz, MommyMercy/Danny, Marcel, Cityrobo, sirpotatos, Tohkey9578, gondolajesus, Sora101Ven, calafex, and schkuromi for providing a ton of help that would've made this map impossible to do.

Known Issues:

  • Breakables don't respond to explosives like C4

  • Couple of weird lighting issues in some corners of the plane

  • Sosigs will get stuck trying to get through breakables that have not been broken yet


  • 1.0.1: Fixed an out-of-bounds encryption that made a hold impossible to complete

  • 1.0.2: Added 1 hold and 1 supply, added a utility flashlight on top of the green switch near the ramp, added a grapple hook in the top hatch for easier access to the new hold, adjusted colliders in places where players got stuck, adjusted colliders of breached cabin doors so (hopefully) they won't get stuck as often.

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2023-9-6 1.0.2 3192 Version 1.0.2 Install
2023-9-2 1.0.1 1377 Version 1.0.1 Install
2023-9-1 1.0.0 984 Version 1.0.0 Install