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A (mostly) failthful recreation of the map Town from the game GunZ: The Duel. Let's rock!

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A (mostly) faithful recreation of the map Town from the Korean third person shooter GunZ: The Duel.

Created using original textures but terrain and models are all recreated by hand.


  • 7 holds
  • 4 supply points (potentially an extra one in the future, let me know if 4 isn't enough!)
  • Fast paced combat
  • Ladders
  • Realtime lighting
  • Nostalgia by the bucketload
  • And plenty of meat falling off rooftops

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Originally made in Valve's Hammer editor (a long while ago) and imported into Unity. It's a little rough around the edges and performance can be a little choppy when things get hectic, but I've been working on it long enough it's time to finally release into the wild. Glaring buggy oversights, comments, congratulations, or just if you want to boot up GunZ one last time and jump into a game with me, hit me up on discord at Jalex#0451


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