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One wire,but not exploded on the back of the boat.

By JerryAr
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A whole new loader

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Remote control C4 drone! Boom!

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Grumman F-14A

"The good thing is, we are alive; the bad thing is, it's a one wire...."-----Jester.

How to fly ( IMPORTANT!!! )

1、First click the ladder panel below the left side of the cockpit , open it and grab to climb the plane.

2、Click the seat to get into the pilot position, press 'E' on your keyboard, your camera view will be locked to the plane(press 'D' to switch back to your body)

3、Click the switch on the right side to close the canopy.

4、Grab the Throttle and Stick, move the controller joystick to drive the plane(again sorry to the streamline users)


Hold right Trigger to fire the cannon.

Gears and flaps will auto rise when 10meters above the sealevel.

Wings will swep rearward while in the higher altitude.


Still WIP, may glitch heavily ,maybe I can change the control mode to a more comfortable way in the future.

and you got a back seat RIO who seems not soo talktive.

Change Log

1.0.0 Added F-14A in Misc---->Tippytoy.

1.1.0 Added keyboard key bind 'E' and 'D' to switch camera view between playerbody and plane. Your RIO——Jester will now help you launching AIM54 against enemy AIs.You only got 2 AIM54.

Available versions

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