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Preferred version: 1.0.0
devyndamonster-OtherLoader-1.3.0 icon

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Kamov KA-50 (Drivable)

"Fuck its gunnery." ——JerryAr-Offline

The Third driavble helicopter is here,with a 30mm auto cannon controlled by 'relyable' AI,and a little TV(IT-23). (Screw the AI, now cannon will point to where the pilot head is looking,) (grab the ABRIS screen on the right side of the front panel to fire) (aiming limit:30°from middle to right,and 15°+85°from top to the bottom)

click the the door on the left side to get into pilot position.

First turn on the BATTERY(white toggle button on right side panel) , then hold the ENGINE|START(just grab the left side panel) for about 1 second and the engine should be turned on.

grab the stick and collective pitch then take off and have some fun.


It's now TnH ready,because I fired the AI and now player have to control the cannon themselves.

still WIP so may glitch sometimes, the player view won't rotate with the aircraft,maybe one day I could fix that.

Change Log

1.0.0 Added KA-50 in Misc--->TippyToy.

1.0.1 Abandoned AI, changed the aiming mode to head tracking(AI only for auto fire).

1.0.2 Changed the gun to manually firing HE shells,be careful.

1.0.3 Fixed some bullet display issue.

1.0.4 Fixed issue that made sound source keeps focus on the plane.

1.0.5 Changed landing gear models and reworked colliders.

1.1.0 Added S8 rocket nests, distant grab the HUD in the middle pannel to fire rockets.

1.1.1 Fixed glitching screen.

1.2.0 Updated HD cockpit model.

1.2.1 Now pilot need to open the left door to enter the KA-50.

1.2.2 Gears switch now have functions,click to rise or lower the gears.

1.3.0 Added a KA-50 varient which have flight model,combined flight system and weapon system into same stick and throttle.You can press 'E' and 'D' to toggle cameraview between playerbody and cockpit.