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My address is Soviet Union

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This mod requires the following mods to function

devyndamonster-OtherLoader-1.3.0 icon

A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.3.0
WFIOST-H3VRUtilities-8.11.0 icon

H3VR Utilities is a dependency mod that is required for many custom items.

Preferred version: 8.11.0
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My Destiny Weapon Script

Preferred version: 0.4.1


Lada Niva

"My adress isn't house or street,my adress is soviet union."——《My adress is soviet union》

Hardbass , kebab , vodka. ballet , Tolstoy , Mendeleev.

you can find everything in Russia, as long as you have a Lada.

How to drive

Basically it's the same way to PCCV mod.

You click open the rear trunk, shovel everything you need into it, open the door, and click to get into the driver seat.

grab the key hole near the steering wheel to start up the engine

grab the steering wheel and press trigger to set out your crazy journy.

Blyat you forgot to close the rear trunk door!


If it hit something and got stucked,switch to reverse gear by holding the drive shift and press joystick downward or rightward,

or you can find something to clip its wheels and you can move the vehicle.

Change Log

1.0.0 Added Lada Niva in Misc-------->TippyToy

1.0.1 Sound change and gear change.

1.0.2 Changed steering wheel.

1.0.3 Added head light and radio music as well.

1.1.0 Player rotation now follow the vehicle, HUGE THANKS to AngryNoob and his scripts.

1.2.0 H3MP support!

1.3.0 Fixed seat and steeringwheel logic and applied new car painting.