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not weird quickbelt position!!!

By JerryAr
Date uploaded a year ago
Version 1.2.4
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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.0.0



Belt fed LMG used by US army in WWII

got a handle态a stock and belt box in game

fun for everyone.

special Quickbelt position,you can put it on your shoulder and

pretend you are a bomber turret gunner.(not really)

Change Log

1.0.0 Added M1919A6 and its belt box.

1.1.0 Added M1919A6 .22lr version and its belt box.

1.2.0 Added M1919Stinger using M1919A6 belt box.

1.2.1 Changed foregrip control type to toggle grab.

1.2.2 Really changed foregrip control type to toggle grab this time.

1.2.3 Changed bolt display and fire rate.

1.2.4 Fixed weird QBposition.