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The next generation of mapping tools for H3VR

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WW1 Night Trenches KOTH Map

This is a test version of the WIP WW1 KOTH Map

In this map you will only pull WW1 stuffs in the weapon pool(including mods you download which have WW1 tags,highly recommend Billiam's 'guns of WW1' mod pack).

However you can still find the spawn panel and get some big guns from other eras.

Although it's a KOTH Map, I skiped the steps and there's no hills to capture, you just fight till death.

(Kinda like a TeamDeathMatch)

Again it's still working in progress, so I'll certainly change or add something in the next long time.

Hope you enjoy this test version.

(btw the weapon pool is kinda broken, my bad).

Change Log

0.0.1 Added WW1 map

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