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1907 SL

An American self-loading rifle originally designed for hunters and police, later seeing limited use in WW1.

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Can be found in SMG/Rifle - Carbine.

One of many that came from a series of Winchester's blowback rifles, the model 1907 was put into military action during WW1. Most countries initially bought these for air service and quickly phased them out in favor of aircraft mounted machine guns. The 1907 fires .351 Winchester Self-Loading rounds from a detachable box magazine, comparable to .30 carbine which saw some action in WW2.

What looks like a gas tube under the barrel is actually your charging plunger. Blame Remington for patenting bolt-mounted charging handle.

Comes with 20-round and 10-round magazines. If I'm confident with my modeling and texturing skills at some point, there will be a 5-round magazine and a modified French version which fires in full auto and has a bayonet lug.

Known Issues

  • .351 WSL is not zeroed for scope attachments



  • Fixed display rounds poking out of magazine when interacting with the gun
  • Added an ivory engraved furniture variant "The Old Drum", based on the skin for this gun in Battlefield 1 with the same name.


  • Initial release


The 1907 SL model and sound are ripped from Battlefield 1.

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