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BF1 German Voicelines for Sosigs

Replaces thinking sosigs' voicelines with German lines heard in Battlefield 1. The Kaiser is counting on them. Help them or don't.

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PTNHBGML (official acronym) is a loader to replace TnH background music, announcers, and Sosig voicelines non-permanently.

Preferred version: 3.1.0


"We came from all over the world. So many of us thinking this war would be our rite of passage – our great adventure. Let me tell you: It was no adventure... Instead of adventure we found fear, and in war, the only true equalizer was death."

Packing an impressive number of 287 unique lines, this mod will completely replace the default sosig voicelines with those from Battlefield 1 multiplayer's German Empire characters, meaning whether you're in proving ground slaughtering innocent dumb sosigs or getting slaughtered by them in a Take and Hold game, they will all start speaking German. A great set to go with Great War Gunther, a WW1 themed custom T&H character.



  • Major rebuild for use with Potatoes' TNH BGM Loader, which is a new, better way of replacing audio clips. Sideloader is no longer a dependency.
  • Added A LOT more voicelines, including one small line that is loved by BF1 community which you may come across!


  • Initial release


Big thanks to Sora101Ven and Potatoes for making audio modding easier for everyone.

All the voicelines are from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 1, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. I hold no ownership or rights in this mod other than the effort of implementing.

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