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BF1 Mother TNH Announcer

Take & Hold announcer made with Battlefield 1 multiplayer's voicelines.

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PTNHBGML (official acronym) is a loader to replace TnH background music, announcers, and Sosig voicelines non-permanently.

Preferred version: 3.1.0


Prepare to defend the sector.

Voiced by actress Katherine Kingsley for Battlefield 1 as the multiplayer announcer, these lines are internally named "Mother" in the game assets. This mod will completely replace the default T&H announcer voicelines. A great set to go with Great War Gunther, a WW1 themed custom T&H character. Go live your Battlefield 1 VR fantasy. Some of the critical lines, such as how many tokens you have earned, or what type of encryptions have spawned, are not specified because there obviously are no lines from BF1 that are any similar to those. This will potentially increase the game's difficulty.



  • Major rebuild for use with Potatoes' TNH BGM Loader, which is a new, better way of replacing audio clips.
  • Added alarm bell sound (which you can hear in BF1 while playing Rush or Operations) following after hold_analyze.wav, adding another layer of tension to your hold!
  • Replaced game end line from "We control all objectives" to "Well played, you made a major contribution to the battle"


  • Initial release


Big thanks to Sora101Ven and Potatoes for making audio modding easier for everyone.

All the voicelines are from Battlefield 1, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. I hold no ownership or rights in this mod other than the effort of implementing.

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