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Charlton Automatic

An automatic conversion of a Lee pattern rifle, designed by a New Zealander gentleman in his garage for Home Guards and actually saw some success.

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Can be found in Support - Machine Gun.

One of the rarest kinds of firearm that see any degree of financial or military success is automatic conversion. They usually start as a great idea to save cost and resources and make a decent automatic rifle out of obsolete single-action rifles, but even some that do work in the first place hardly ever become adopted.

Charlton's case was a bit different. Cooked up in his own garage in New Zealand to fill the lacking number of machine guns in the Home Guards and actually succeeded in making it so, the Charlton Automatic Rifle is an unrelated revival of the British Howell Automatic Rifle from WW1. It is known among gamers today as NZ-41 thanks to Call of Duty, but it never received such a designation. It's simply Charlton Automatic Rifle.

Provided with a 30-round magazine that is essentially a Bren magazine with modified lugs and feed lips to fit into a Lee rifle magazine well, the rifle can still take other Lee magazines. If you have my Howell Automatic mod, the 20-round trench magazine will also fit this gun. This of course means you can jam the 30-round magazine in the Howell, or in SMLE if you really want to...

The rifle already has a muzzle device with a front sight built onto it, so it cannot take muzzle attachments. There is a small invisible rail section on the rear sight to put an optic on, plus a Model 8 scope mount and an Enfield scope mount on the side of the receiver if you feel classy.

If you want to know more about Charlton's history and its operation in the game, you can consult the manual included in the item spawner.



  • Texture update to react better under certain lighting conditions
  • The bipod now also swings forward


  • Initial release


The model is "NZ-41" from Call of Duty: WWII and Vanguard, mirrored back to its historical form by me. Sounds are Bren and MG 34 from Battlefield V.

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