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Farquhar Hill

A British self-loading rifle deriving its system from a 1908 patent, too late for WW1.

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Can be found in SMG/Rifle - Battle Rifle.

Farquhar-Hill is a trial rifle that almost went into production but too late for the war. Typical of some self-loaders of this time period, it also comes with a vertical foregrip which unusually can be moved to fit the user's preference.

Compared to Howell, this rifle is a bit more gentle on recoil and recovers faster. The rear sight can be changed between large and small aperture, suitable for all ranges up to 200 meters and further if you can even see the target.

It also has clip loading guide and bolt hold/release. For the WW1 time frame, this rifle is probably the most "tacticool" of all self-loaders.

As usual with most of my firearm mods, this rifle also has invisible rails. Don't let your bubba dreams be dreams.

More information can be found at the spawn table.



  • Fixed missing audio profile rendering the gun unusable, sorry!


  • Build update to comply with Mason. Farewell Deli!
  • Disabled manual chambering which would be mechanically very hard or impossible


  • Magazine size changed from small to medium. This is done in consideration of its handling and performance compared to Howell Automatic, and the shape of the magazine. Farquhar-Hill will stand as a high-tier automatic rifle that requires tougher inventory management.
  • Rear sight can now be flipped to change between large and small aperture
  • Minor retexturing
  • Added more gas effect


  • Solved issue causing sonic overload in certain environment


  • Initial release


The Farquhar-Hill model and sound are ripped from Battlefield 1.

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2021-7-20 1.0.1 1029 Version 1.0.1 Install
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