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Gasser 1870

A massive Austrian black powder double-action revolver, originally meant for cavalry and later seeing unexpected sales in Montenegro.

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Gasser 1870

Find it in Pistol - Revolver.

Noticing the Austro-Hungarian army’s movement towards adopting a new sidearm for cavalry units, Leopold and Johann Gasser brothers designed their own revolver in 1869. This pistol based its design on the Belgian Francotte pinfire revolver which was protected by patent, although it is likely that this patent was ignored in order to allow domestic production, as such were common practices around the world during this time period.

Aside from its official adoption in Austria, the Gasser revolver is also best known for its mandation in Montenegro several decades later. Prior to the First World War, King Nicholas I, who ruled the country from 1910 to 1918, declared that each and every adult male citizen of Montenegro is mandated to own a Gasser 1870 revolver.

This massive revolver packs a punch just below .45 Long Colt, and recoils like it should. Don't get too excited with its double-action trigger because the fixed cylinder takes time to reload.



  • Fixed issues with attachments refusing to be detached from the gun once mounted
  • New loading pose similar to vanilla
  • Added an engraved variant "The Lovćen"


  • Ammunition is now separated from this mod and migrated over to my ammunition pack. Updating Gasser will automatically download the new dependencies.
  • Added infographic card. Read it.
  • Completely rebuilt with double-action script, thanks to Prime_VR
  • Texture update


  • Build update to comply with Mason. Farewell Deli!
  • Small texture and mesh update to add dimple on the primer of fired cartridges. You no longer have to look at the dangerous side of the gun to check which cylinder is empty!
  • Upscaled textures from 1k (1024 px) to 2k (2048 px)


  • Increased gas effect size
  • Minor backend changes to comply with Update 99


  • Initial release


The Gasser M1870 model and sound are ripped from Battlefield 1.

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