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Lee Enfield Mk III

A staple WW1 bolt-action rifle, with a magazine cutoff tab that was slowly being phased out at the time.

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Find it in Bolt Action Rifle.

There's nothing much to say about the SMLE. Anyone who has some knowledge in modern history and firearm knows it.

This one is different from the vanilla Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I for its sight configuration and non-detachable magazine. It is detachable in real life, but to differentiate it from its vanilla counterpart and to stick to its real world usage, I decided to leave it internal. The magazine cutoff doesn't work.

Historical information can be found at the spawn table.



  • IMPORTANT: The dreadful T&H spawn with vanilla Lee-Enfield box magazines is no more. It should spawn with stripper clips instead from now on. If it doesn't and if you're using MagazinePatcher, go to your mod profile through R2MM's settings, and navigate to your profile folder>BepInEx>plugins>devyndamonster-MagazinePatcher. Open CachedCompatibleMags.json with a text editor and find RifBALeeEnfieldMkIII and RifBALeeEnfieldMkIIIEng where these two's MagType and CompatibleMagazines entries are present. Set MagType to 0, and delete all entries in CompatibleMagazines so that only closed brackets [], are left. Do this to both variants of the rifle, and save the file. It should spawn with clips now.
  • Magazine cutoff function added. While the cutoff is blocking the magazine, chamber insert is activated, and all access to the magazine - both loose rounds and clips - are disabled. You can cheese in 11 rounds by filling the magazine, closing the cutoff, inserting a round into the chamber, and then opening the cutoff again.
  • Reworked textures
  • Added an infographic card for history nerds
  • Added an engraved variant "Emily" utilizing the unused engraving for SMLE from Battlefield 1


  • Build update to comply with Mason. Farewell Deli!
  • Added a Model 8 scope mount. This scope won't be so useless as before.
  • Removed manual chambering to prevent smart palming from grabbing one round more than magazine capacity
  • Upscaled textures from 2k (2048 px) to 4k (4096 px) and reworked


  • Minor backend changes to comply with Update 99


  • Fixed issue where operating and firing the weapon triggered heavy sonic overload


  • Initial release


The SMLE Mk III model and sound are ripped from Battlefield 1.

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