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MP 507

Wartime Germany's last-ditch self-loading rifle, simplified in many ways to cut the cost as much as possible.

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Can be found in SMG/Rifle - Carbine.

Germany's loss was becoming apparent by late 1944. To arm all German males and keep the Allies from advancing into Berlin, a series of extremely simplified, cost-cutting firearms were developed and hastily put into production. These were meant to be in the hands of Volkssturm, a militia organization, and thus these guns were collectively called Volkssturmgewehr. The MP 507 and 508 were part of this series. While most other rifles under this title were extremely simplified Mauser bolt-action designs, these were unique self-loading rifle designs utilizing the same magazine from the infamous Sturmgewehr 44.

This mod contains two versions of the self-loading Volkssturmgewehr, a close to original semi-auto only MP 507, and a largely fictional MP 508 with select-fire capability as seen in Battlefield V and Call of Duty games. These guns have nasty handling on purpose as the reciprocating mass is heavy and the stock has horrible ergonomics, which makes for a jumpy recoil pattern. Try to employ more controlled fire, but that has its own limitation as the barrel is also poorly made, giving the gun wide mechanical spread.

If you want to learn more about the history, you can spawn the information card at the item spawner.



  • Texture update to make the wooden furniture even uglier. Eugh.


  • Initial release


The models and sounds are Gewehr 1-5 and Sturmgewehr 1-5 from Battlefield V.

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