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Mondragon 1908

A Mexican design of self-loading rifle manufactured in Switzerland, which saw limited use in Mexican Revolution and all the way over in Germany during WW1.

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Can be found in SMG/Rifle - Battle Rifle.

Designed by a Mexican artillery General by the name of Manuel Mondragón, the Mondragón 1908 rifle could have become the world's first mass-issued self-loading rifle. Unfortunately the Mexican Revolution put a halt to its production, and the RSC rifle in France took this title years later.

Chambered in a rather less known 7x57mm Mauser cartridge, it's gentle with recoil and should be fairly accurate up to mid-range if controlled well. Good penetration up to heavy armor. Attachment points are top/bottom rails, Model 8 scope mount, and muzzle mount. Note that the bottom rail is slightly angled, so if you decide to slap a launcher, shotgun, or laser on there, it won't point where you're actually aiming.



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The Mondragón model and sounds are ripped from Battlefield 1, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. I do not own any of the assets.

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