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Pieper 1893

An extremely rare Belgian revolving carbine from 1890s. Comes with its own non-historical speedloader.

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Version 1.1.0
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Pieper 1893

Find it in SMG/Rifle - Carbine.

A revolving carbine that no one but Battlefield 1 players know. There were only around 300 of these built in real life, so you get to experience an extremely rare piece of firearm history, at least in VR.

It fires its own proprietary 8x50mm rimmed cartridge. It may look similar to Nagant's 7.62x38mm, but the bullet is substantially longer and thus carries more mass to punch with. Do note that it only comes with a lead bullet, so you'll have to aim carefully if you're facing a well armored sosig.

The real Pieper carbine also uses the same cylinder design as Nagant revolver, which creeps forward to seal the gap between chamber and barrel. This means it can take suppressor. Just ignore the fact that I was too lazy to animate the cylinder to creep forward.

Historical information can be found at the spawn table.



  • Build update to comply with Mason. Farewell Deli!
  • Added a Model 8 scope mount to the left side of the handguard. This scope won't be so useless as before.
  • Fixed firing from wrong chamber
  • Fixed tail sound not playing after firing
  • Texture adjustments


  • Fixed incorrect zeroing


  • Minor backend changes to comply with Update 99


  • Initial release


The Pieper M1893 model and sound are ripped from Battlefield 1.