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RSC 1917 and RSC SMG

A package of two 8mm Lebel users - RSC 1917, a French early self-loading rifle deployed in the later stages of the Great War, and RSC SMG, an experimental submachine gun that was too cursed to see any field use.

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This mod was originally featured as part of Modmas 2021, a community collaborative event held throughout December.

Unlike popular belief, France mass-produced and issued self-loading rifles during WW1. These may have been not well accepted by the soldiers, but from a wider point of view, it certainly was a massive advancement in infantry firepower.

This mod comes with its unique script, which allows the operation of RSC's iconic magazine cover. It must be opened in order to access the clip inside, and the gun will not fire until it is closed.

Coming with the RSC 1917 is RSC SMG, an experimental piece that was developed from 1918 to 1919, intended to be used by tank crews for self defense. It uses a proprietary 8-round Mannlicher-Berthier clip which works the same way as its original counterpart, although it won't last any second as the SMG fires in full auto only.

As it is usual with my other mods, these guns have invisible top and bottom rails. The RSC 1917 also has a muzzle attachment point, but the RSC SMG has a stock attachment point instead, as its built-in muzzle device prevents any fancy addition out front.

REQUIRES H3VR UTILITIES AND ITS DEPENDENCIES. Otherwise some of the components will not be animated.



  • Fixed incorrect magazine pose
  • Added missing booklets


  • Initial release


Big thanks to Cityrobo for writing the script in magazine follower, which was initially written just for this mod, now published through OpenScript. The RSC 1917 and RSC SMG's models and sounds are ripped from Battlefield 1.

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