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Ribeyrolles 1918

A French experimental carbine capable of fully automatic fire, which has never seen an adoption and no examples are accessible to the public today.

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Can be found in SMG/Rifle - Carbine.

One of many mysterious prototype firearms of WW1, the Ribeyrolles Machine Carbine Model 1918 is largely forgotten and no examples are known to exist, with only a picture of its right side remaining today as an evidence that at least one existed.

It fires a proprietary 8x35mm round in full auto only at a leisurely chugging fire rate, which should be comfortable up to 50-70 meters. Past that range you need to get some trigger control going to gain some stability and accuracy, or just use its hilariously tall bipod.

As usual, comes with bubba compatibility of bottom and top rails, and muzzle attachment point.



  • Fixed forward grip being trigger hold for Vive scheme users


  • Initial release


The Ribeyrolles 1918 model and sound are ripped from Battlefield 1.

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