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A Soviet/Russian flare gun modified to fire the same shotshell that KS-23 uses.

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A whole new loader

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Can be found in Shotgun - Break Action.

A Soviet/Russian flare gun modified to fire 23 x 75mm that KS-23 fires. Modified mesh from dummy data found in Escape from Tarkov, which is originally a normal 26mm flare variant of SP-81.

23mm shotshell is already well known for its dumb punch. This gun fits in your magazine slots, essentially serving as a pocket KS-23 that can work as a last-ditch backup weapon, or a trolling device that will instantly pop a flashbang in sosigs' faces.

If needs arise might implement the flare version as well.

Known Issues

  • Textures on the front half of the barrel might look a bit off. This is inevitable for being a haphazard mesh and UV edit.
  • Pellet spread may be absurd compared to the barrel length. I will experiment with different accuracy classes and update the mod with one that I think is adequate.



  • Fixed ID being unloaded and spawning a broken gun


  • Fixed internal version conflict resulting in presenting an old broken version


  • Initial release


The SP-81 model is made by Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov. Ripped by Wolfie. Sounds are from Battlefield 1.

Available versions

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