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Type 38 Infantry

Commonly and mistakenly known as Arisaka Type 38, the Type 38 rifle was designed by Nambu Kijiro as a further refinement of Arisaka's Type 30 Rifle.

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Can be found in SMG/Rifle - Bolt Action.

Based on the Type 30 designed by Arisaka Nariakira, the "38th Year Type Infantry Rifle (三八式歩兵銃)" is a further evolution executed by a different designer named Nambu Kijiro. Although this series of Japanese bolt-action rifles are often collectively called Arisaka, he was not involved in development of this particular example.

The notable changes from Type 30 included a large safety knob in the rear which blocked both trigger and bolt operation, and a dust cover moving with the bolt for sealing the action. The Type 38 was also sigfinicantly reduced in part count and manufacturing cost, leading it to be one of the most widely sold rifles during WW1, mostly purchased by countries particularly short on arms.

Known Issues You May Be Asking

  • The round is not properly zeroed for scopes yet.
  • If you are on an experimental or alpha build of the game, I cannot provide support since these branches are expected to be broken in some parts. I am only providing support to those who are on stable releases.



  • Added the missing ammo pack as a dependency


  • Initial release


The model, textures, and sounds are from Type 38 in Battlefield 1.

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