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Meats ModernWarfighterOptics

The latest remaster of the greatest red dot pack for H3!

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Meat's ModernWarfighterOptics

The latest remaster of the Modern Warfighter Red Dots, this update primarily features an overhauled red dot system that supports brightness, zeroing, and reticle changes as based on real manufacturer data! The pack is broken up into mounting systems, from direct picatinny to handgun sights to crazy adapters! A handful of magnifiers are also included to extend your range beyond 1x that you can physically grab and push to the side.

Included are:

  • 32 picatinny sights, 9 magnifiers, and 4 risers,
  • 15 Micro Red Dot sights and 23 mounts,
  • 17 Mini Red Dot Sights and 9 mounts,
  • 8 Russian sights, both dovetail and picatinny,
  • ACRO sight and four compatible mounts



  • Added Holosun HS507C
  • Added Leupold Deltapoint Pro in Black and FDE
  • Added Swampfox Kingslayer in Black and FDE
  • Added EOTech 512 in Black and FDE
  • Added Holosun AEMS
  • Added Holosun HM3X Magnifier
  • Added Holosun HS512C
  • Added Steiner R1X
  • Added Vortex SpitfireAR 1x Prism
  • Adjusted glass setup for most MRDS sights, looks more realistic
  • Adjusted LCO reticle color
  • Adjusted all reticles to more reliably be viewed at odd angles (fixes sights like EOTechs turning off at certain angles)
  • Adjusted certain glass values
  • Fixed Juliet 3 FDE vaulting as Black
  • Fixed default brightness of 4MOA reticle sights


  • Added Aimpoint CS Picatinny sight
  • Added Leupold UH-1 Gen II
  • Reduced Magnifier resolution to 1024x1024, should drastically improve performance with magnifiers in scene
  • Some minor changes to glass


  • Added new camo finishes for select optics
  • Added GBRS EOTech mount
  • Added Holosun HS403C in green 2/65 MOA
  • Updated select optics to have green reticles
  • Drastically improved clarity of rear glass, night vision performance should now be viable across most/all optics
  • Improved clarity through tinted glass, overall less intrusive.
  • Magnifiers are now usable under night vision


  • Used the wrong Thunderstore icon! Corrected.


  • Release!


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2022-9-16 1.0.1 9023 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-9-16 1.0.0 83 Version 1.0.0 Install