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Build an AR!

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H3VR Utilities is a dependency mod that is required for many custom items.

Preferred version: 8.7.0
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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.1.5
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Build an AR!

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Meat's ModulAR

The Big One.

Dozens of receivers, hundreds of attachments, what else is there to say about your one-stop-shop for everything AR under the sun?!

Notable changes for folks old and new: AR's are now prebuilt by default! Select a receiver and spawn a hand-crafted custom (or pretty stock) AR ready to go with a single button! If you still prefer smithing your magnum opus from barebones, the stripped lower receiver is right there next to the prebuilt. Everything you need is inside the ModulAR Workshop, no need to hop back over to vanilla categories to grab a muzzle device or even the classic M4 Handle sight!

Dag nab it, stop reading and go build your dream rifle/pistol/sbr/aow/wmd/paperweight!



New Items

  • CASV-EL handguard in NIKPAT/DIKPAT
  • DD RIS II 9.5in handguard in NIKPAT/DIKPAT
  • Hogue handguards in all Hogue colors (including FDE)
  • Hogue grip and stock in FDE
  • KAC RIS handguard in NIKPAT/DIKPAT
  • PRI Delta handguard in FDE and Black
  • Strike Industries 33rd mag


  • Fixed scaling on countless handguards
  • Overhaul of all picatinny and MLOK slots for rail cover compatibility and consistency
  • Added rails to all handguards that previously only had some rail support (no longer limited to 3, 6, 9 o'clock positions for handguards with more rail space)
  • Fixed Zenit Joker Rails not vaulting correctly


  • Fixed SR25 platform not firing/cycling

3.1.6 New Items

  • Daniel Defense RIS III handguards in 9.5 & 10.5in and black and FDE
  • 11.5 and 12.5in barrels


  • Fixed Javelin handguards not working properly


  • Fixed all .300 Blackout mags not inserting correctly
  • Fixed all stripped receivers spawning off the Mk3 spawner
  • Texture adjustments to new PMAGS

3.1.4 New Items

  • MK16 DDC returns, black added


  • All new stocks actually spawn now

3.1.3 New Items

  • Upper Receivers
  • Billet Upper
  • F4 Defense Upper
  • Phase5 Upper
  • Rainier Upper
  • Charging Handles
  • CMMG AR15
  • Extended Latch
  • Falkor MACH15
  • Strike ARCH in several colors
  • Handguards
  • Daniel Defense RIS II suite fleshed out
  • Geissele MK16 overhaul, new length and color
  • Strike Gridlok in several colors
  • Javelin in 4 lengths (very sharp)
  • Midwest Industries CRM in 6 lengths (chode to chad)
  • M16 Handguards overhauled, new finishes
  • MOE Original handguards in several colors
  • Zenit Joker handguards in two colors, lengths
  • Barrels
  • M4 Front Sight (Sling loop-less)
  • Grips
  • Battlegrip FDE
  • M16 Grips overhauled, new colors
  • MOE in OD
  • ST2 Paracord in different colors
  • Stocks
  • F93 overhaul, now extends
  • M16 Stocks overhauled, new colors
  • MOE SL stocks in two colors
  • Strike PDW stock in two colors (spring loaded extend!)
  • Magazines
  • PMAG suite overhauled, new models, new colors (full list accessible in new spawner only)
  • .300 Blackout PMAG suite overhauled, new models, new colors (full list accessible in new spawner only)

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Added heat system to barrels and muzzle devices (gas tubes will pop at max heat, can be disabled in Openscripts settings, barrels are now spawnlockable as well)
  • Countless texture changes
  • Added new picatinny rail snapping system to all rails
  • And more!

3.1.2 - New Items

  • Fortis Torque pistol grips in Black, Blue, Red, and Gold
  • Magpul K2 pistol grips in Black, FDE, and OD
  • Tyrant Designs MOD pistol grips in Black, Blue, Red, and Gold
  • Tyrant Designs Concept One pistol grips in Black, Blue, Red, and Gold
  • AR Hex Muzzle Brake
  • BAMF Linear Comp
  • Cobalt Kinetics Muzzle Brake in Black and Blue
  • MX1 Micro Muzzle Brake
  • PTS Blast Shield
  • Raptor Muzzle Brake
  • Oppressor Muzzle Brake
  • Venom Muzzle Brake
  • VP-09 Muzzle Brake
  • SLR Handguard
  • CAA Flip sights in Black, FDE, and OD
  • Scalarworks iron sights
  • Daniel Defense rear iron sight

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Updated every attachment to be more consistently able to be picked up (no laser/grabbity gloves).
  • Tweaked rearmost point of upper receivers picatinny rail.
  • Re-paired Daniel Defense Iron Sight set.
  • Renamed old Daniel Defense Rear Sight to KAC Flip Up Sight and paired it with the KAC micro front sight.
  • MK16 Handguards have new models (please verify Geissele markings are on the lefthand side)
  • Stocks are rebuilt with new sounds!
  • Minor texture edits in a few places
  • All collapsible wire stocks now spawn extended by default

3.1.1 - Fixed 5.56 M16 receiver vaulting grip positions incorrectly.

  • Listed ModulARpt2 as a dependency. Enable NSFW searching on Thunderstore if you are manually installing, as it is hidden by default.

3.1.0 - Bug Fixes/Changes

  • All iron sights with additional apertures can now toggle between them.
  • AR10 and AR15 barrels are now cross compatible and scale properly across the platforms.
  • Countless texture edits and fixes.
  • Fixed bolt catch clipping on several rifles.
  • Icon fix for DD RIS II 9.5 in black.
  • M16A1 Upper now functions as a carry handle.
  • Majorly reworked extraction and feeding on all weapons to be more accurate.
  • New prebuilts emphasizing new iron sights.
  • New icons for new prebuilts.
  • Saint Edge receiver no longer clips on some magazines.
  • Windham railed gas block finally has its correct texture.
  • 9mm M16 has new bolt/carrier group.

Organizational Changes

  • All weapons have had supplemental information filled out (Origin, year, caliber, mag type...).
  • Barrels and blocks have been reorganized.
  • Magazines have been broken up into polymer and metal.
  • Many handguards have been condensed (MOE handguards, M16 handguards, etc...).
  • Many stocks have been condensed (Magpul stocks, Zulu stocks, etc...).

Spawning and Sounds

  • Just about every attachment larger than a charging handle has new impact sounds.
  • Magazines now have distinct metal and polymer sound overrides.
  • New handling foley for all ARs, new firing sounds for SR25, adjusted suppressed firing sounds across all platforms.

New Items


  • M4 Commando with semi, burst, and auto.


  • AR10 18 and 22in with heat sinks.

Gas Block:

  • JP.
  • JPRail.


  • Daniel Defense RIS II 12.5 FSP in FDE and Black.
  • Noveske 10.5.
  • Saint Edge shroud.

Iron Sights:

  • KAC Sights.
  • KAC Micro Sights.
  • Magpul MBUS in black, FDE.
  • Colt A2 fixed Rear sight.
  • Gooseneck carry handle adapter.


  • HexMags in various colors and calibers 5.56 (orange hex/follower) and .300 (blue hex/follower).
  • Stanag mags of capacities from 10 to 100.
  • Magpul EMAGs in black, FDE.
  • Magpul PMAGs for AR-10 in black, FDE.
  • Magpul D-50 drum for AR-10.
  • Lancer 20 mags for AR-10 in black, FDE.

Muzzle Devices:

  • 4 new muzzle brakes.
  • 8 new combo suppressors.

3.0.9 - Added Hogue stocks and Grips in multiple flavors. Added MOE carbine length handguard in gray, robins egg, and pink to match some of the Hogue furniture. Added Aeroknox and Skull handguards. Added Hex, F1 ST1, F1 ST2, and F1 ST2 Paracord grips. Fixed bad alloy mapping on Lancer mags. Fixed bad textures on TRIAD gas block. When downloading manually, no longer imports under wrong name.

3.0.8 - Updated for On Demand loading, added the VLTOR CASV handguard, removed mags from prebuilts to avoid TnH issues and general buggery. Fixed missing .300 mags!

3.0.6 - Updated for the latest and greatest version of Otherloader. Fixed XM177 fore mounting slightly offset and the prebuilt ADAR handle sight being broken.

3.0.4 - Totally fixed any instances of stretched gas block sights on prebuilts, adjusted scope mounting position on M4 Handle sight, M16A2 handguard now vaults the M203 properly, attachments can sit further forward on the SAI handguards, probably some other minor tweaks.

3.0.3 - Added Black MOE carbine-length handguard. Added M203 Leaf Sight and top rail for M203 Handguard. Fixed gas block mount spawning stretched gas block sights on select prebuilt rifles. Changed safety angle for Saint Edge.

3.0.2 - Vaulted TX-15 now shoots properly

3.0.1 - Updated to list OpenScripts as a dependency


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Please give this mod a couple minutes to load, it's seriously big. Models and textures from Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov, various artists on CGTrader, and dear friends. Massive respect to the OG creator of ModulAR, KamikazeFOX! It has reached its final form :)