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Meats NGSW

The M5 gets a makeover! The Next Generation Squad Weapons contenders come to H3!

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Meat's NGSW Pack

Three wild and wacky Next Generation Squad Weapons are chambered in various interpretations of the new 6.8x51mm cartidge for future U.S. Meat Corps service.

  • In one corner, from Meatron Systems, the NGSW-R CT with case-telescoped ammunition!
  • The other corner sees a bullpup design from Meateral Bynamics, the RM277 with plastic casings and a reciprocating barrel!
  • Last but not least an entry from seasoned veteran Mig Bauer, the MCX Spear sporting a steel/brass hybrid ammunition and dual charging handles!

You are left to make your choice, which will you bring into Take and Hold over an M4??


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  • Fixed any sound issues related to u105, updated selector sounds


  • Total rework of the Spear, updated models and removed old "Sand" finish
  • Model update for Geissele SP 30mm Mount
  • Texture update for Tango6 LPVO
  • Added 25 round magazines for the Spear
  • Spear can now accept standard AR pistol grips and stocks
  • Added heat system to all weapons
  • Added varying new mag capacities for the RM277
  • RM277 can now accept standard AR pistol grips
  • Added picatinny slot system
  • Various tweaks


  • Fixed scopes for IR laser compatibility


  • Stripped Spear receivers should no longer spawn in Take and Hold/KOTH gamemodes
  • Adjusted 30mm mounts to be less finicky


  • Increased resolution of LPVOs and extended visual range to 2500 meters


  • Added Spear in Anodized Coyote finish, alongside matching furniture
  • Added Sig Tango6 LPVO in Black and Anodized Coyote, tailored and zeroed for the 6.8x51 SIG Hybrid cartridge.
  • Added stripped variants for Spear and RM277
  • Fixed vaulting on all NGSW contenders
  • RIP Textron, gg no re


  • Fixed z-fighting on Black SIG Spear mag baseplate
  • Fixed odd bolt behaviour on Black Textron rifle
  • Removed SIG parts from ModulSIG categories, caused some issues


  • Updated again for Otherloader

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