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Madness Ham J Winkleton

Just do what comes natural in this Madness Combat-inspired character! Weapon pools adapted from the series.

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Madness Ham J. Winkleton

NOTE: Currently only has vanilla weapon pools adapted from the Madness Combat Wiki. Modded weapons (such as the FBI10)will be added eventually. The enemies in supply points, patrols, and hold points will be identical to Operator Ori. Custom enemy sosigs (Grunts, Agents, ATP Engineers, & ATP Soldats) and custom TnH phase progression (such as melee-only sosig waves) will be implemented in the coming weeks. I will update descriptions when updates come along.

Somewhere in Nevada... A sosig is denied death... In order to grant it, en masse...

Just do what comes natural in this Madness Combat-inspired TnH character! Weapon pools are filled to the brim with weapons seen throughout the Madness Combat series, from the classic PPK pistol to the Bren LMG.


  • Starting Equipment
    • Improvised Melee/Garage Melee weapon in large case
    • Health Sausage
    • 2 Brass Knuckles (Because how else would you go unarmed against sosig grunts?)
    • PPK in small case (the earliest available firearm in Madness Project Nexus: Classic)
  • Weapon Pools
    • Firearms and Melee weapons adapted from the Madness Combat Wiki


[1.0.0] - 09/22/22

  • Initial Release (and on the 16th Madness day, no less!)
  • To do:
    • Add custom Enemy Sosigs
    • Add custom Take & Hold phase progression (including waves with sosigs only wielding melee weapons)
    • Add modded weapons to weapon pools

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