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CTS Pack

By Nikpo
Date uploaded 6 months ago
Version 1.0.0
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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.3.0



Combined Tactical Systems Pack

A pack of five CTS less-lethal grenades, complete with much more realistic and dramatic custom particle effect systems and effects on Sosigs. This pack includes (at the moment):

  • 7290 Flashbang
  • 7290-2 DoubleBang
  • 7290-9 9-Banger
  • 7290ml MiniBang
  • 9590 Sting-Ball



From the ground up, brand new particle effect systems:

  • More dramatic flash explosions with sparks & lingering smoke.
  • Grenades leave behind spent casings, loose fuzes, casing fragments, etc.
  • Custom model (by Andrew) & texture (by myself) for the 9590 Sting-Ball grenade.
  • 9590 Sting-Ball has a true-to-real-life two stage fuze.
  • Physically simulated and accurate number of sting-balls.

Rebalanced and more realistic sosig effects:

  • Unlike the vanilla flashbangs, these bangs will not knock all sosigs nearby to the ground, they only blind and disorient them briefly. However, the full-size 7290 bangs can stumble sosigs immediately close to the explosion. Stingball grenades will be able to knock sosigs to the ground and disorient them, likely disarming immediately nearby Sosigs.

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  • Initial release.