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Russian Round Overhaul

An Overhaul of Tarkov Russian Calibers!

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Old Familiar.

Say hello to the Russian Round Overhaul! A complete overhaul of my first mod "Tarkov Russian Calibers"!

This mod replaces the original Brass Russian rounds ingame with custom-made Steel casings and bullets!


  • Ported from Bonetome to Thunderstore
  • Complete retexture and redesign of the mod, no more wacky pink rounds.
  • Rounds based from Tarkov, as well as my own personal touch.

Rounds Replaced by this mod:

  • 5.45x39
  • 7.62x39
  • 7.62 TT
  • 9x18 Makarov
  • 7.62x54R (Made to look Old and worn, Since its a round from the 1800, And hand-painted on Bullet tips!)

All rounds have a twist, and will still have the unique tips depending on their type.

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