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ABR 223 Assault Rifle

A SAR and an AUG came together to rally for the burst loving community.

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The ABR-223 Assault Rifle

The closest relative of this gun is the SAR-21, but it seems they wanted to give this gun the same treatment as the SG550 in BO2, or the AUG in Black Ops Cold War. Burst only, three rounds per burst, another gun with burst delay that needs to make you pay close attention in order to max out that output.

Controls a plenty, bolt releases, mag releases, all is open game. Anything to help you tolerate the niche burst mechanic. Still cooks sosigs though.


Utilizes an integrated scope, with one way STANAG mag compatibility. The ABR magazine can't be placed inside a STANAG using firearm.

The scope can be dipped out if you use a picatinny attachment, and the muzzle can be replaced by a muzzle attachment.

Sources and Credits

Assets come from the game Call of Duty, Black Ops 4

Thank you Kirloper for your assets repo!

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