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EBR 800 Energy Battle Rifle

Enhanced alkaline power! A force to be reckoned with!

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The EBR-800 Energy Sniper Rifle

This rifle's got a battery that looks awfully similar to a floppy disk. The EBR-800 is here at last, at the request of Mr. Modder. Another rifle to utilize the IW energy sniper rifle round!

A reverse of the intended purpose of the Charge Trigger script, holding it down will give you full auto, but the rounds it fires are energy Rifle rounds instead of the far more lethal energy Sniper round. Tap firing is the intended method for long range engagements!


An integrated scope / reflex sight depending on which configuration you toggle, but either or, the charge trigger stays the same. Semi auto for lethal shots, full auto if you keep holding it down for a lethal fire rate. A bipod and integrated laser pointer are included as well!

Only picatinny mounts on this one, and you'll lose some functions if you try to implement a foregrip on this gun. Maybe its default setup can be considered its best one.

Sources and Credits

Assets come from the game Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare

Thank you Kirloper for giving me the opportunity to implement this gun with your vast COD asset repo!

Available versions

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