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The collection of goodies with no other place to go.

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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.0.0
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Collection of scripts to make your modding life more funky! And make impossible things possible.

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H3VR Utilities is a dependency mod that is required for many custom items.

Preferred version: 8.9.1
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Another code library, yay!

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Mod Smarter, not Harder.

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OpenScripts2: Return of the Impossible!

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The Ftrmarket Surplus Pack

Something that can grow to the size of PCCG, given enough motivation. Solely focused on addons like dual magazines, attachments, and perhaps abandoned weapons.

Keep tabs on the list at the bottom to find out what new addons come with each update!


V0.0.1 -- Launch, Underbarrel China Lake is now available to the public!

V0.0.2 -- Four new additions, listed as follows

Underbarrel M107 -- 50 BMG Underbarrel, nothing much else to it other than go fucking stupid. Inspired by this video --

VPR -- A dualbore, dual magazine, dual feed weapon from the game Infinite Warfare. With bleeding edge scripts this gun comes to life, however, it is not without faults. Two experimental versions of this gun are available, both accepting Stanag magazines, set to full auto only, just to demonstrate this new dualbore capabilities and the potential it may bring.

Mod I-X -- Needs BetterHands CursedTriggers turned on for full output. The first variation of the gun. Quirky and a bit of a hindrance but the combined trigger makes it function close to the real game, at least shooting wise.

Mod II-X -- With the assistance of one of Okkim's latest scripts, this version doesn't need any cursed config options turned on. The front grip is control of one side of the VPR, the rear grip controls the other. This version is likely to see more action and is more closer to the vision of a perfect dualbore firearm.

Passam Hacksaw -- A cancelled LMG from an obscure game, Deathgarden Bloodharvest, it was a good pilot episode to the "Belted" LMG archetype, where the belts only had links and no visible bullets. However, due to an annoying issue with the delinker system, it could never be cleared as an official release. Thus, it has been sent here as a bonus for anyone interested to try it.

V0.0.3 -- Ammo Surplus!

Milkor MGL in Black -- Because of the nature of the vanilla MGL's audip, the MGL speedloader doesn't make a noise when inserted. So, I made a reskinned MGL in a can't-go-wrong color, with the corrected audip, to show the speedloader's full potential.

MGL Speedloader -- I figured since MW2 '22s assets went open season I would target something that I myself was curious in implementing, and indeed, it was possible to make it happen. Shoutout to Thewaffleozoz on the H3 subreddit for getting myself back into gear in implementing it.

Dual Magazines -- The Surplus Package originally intended for munitions to be a thing, especially in regards to Dual Magazines with Cityrobo's Mag Tape MK2 script, something that a lot of implementers have been sleeping on. With its own subcategory, we start with:

G36 Side By Side Magazines

G36 Dualsided Magazines

AUG Dualsided Magazines

More dual mags are planned, and make sure to check out my NGS and NXT collections, some of them have Dualsided magazines too!

V0.1.0 -- Reset

Resetting the Update Order cuz I made a mistake (v0.0.21 subceeded v0.0.3, whoops)! We'll continue from here on out.

V0.1.1 -- Corvus Masterkey

A semi auto underbarrel shotty, dawning from both MW '19 and MW '22, is a fictional Masterkey akin to AndrewFTW's take on the M26 mass. With a 3+1 capacity, it doesn't provide much out of the gate, but it is compatible with Meat's Modul Shotty caps, which will allow for it to increase its capacity where needed.

Implementing this gun has also shown me yet another bug with the UB tube fed scripts, the ejection will occur at the chamber position no matter what. It happens with the UB China Lake, as well as the vanilla UB 870. Am I allowed to ping Anton about this, I wonder? This and the carrier systems not working as intended... I hope he looks into it soon.

Oh, and this is also using my first custom script ever. The Underbarrel has a bolt release button! Now, it doesn't have that precaution that prevents the holding hand from hitting the trigger, but the bolt release can be activated through stick controls too, even when attached! Very neat and makes me more confident in looking into making more scripts for the future.

V0.1.2 -- Fixed a visual glitch with the Corvus UB

Maybe another Underbarrel... Maybe...


Name Item Spawner Location
China Lake
Attachments // Underbarrel Weapons
UB M107 Attachments // Underbarrel Weapons
Dualbore PDW
Firearms // PDW
Firearms // LMG
Milkor MGL
Firearms // Grenade Launchers
Ammo // Surplus
Ammo // Surplus
Corvus Masterkey Attachments // Underbarrel Weapons

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2022-12-15 0.0.21 947 Version 0.0.21 Install
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