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G Rail Energy Railgun

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The G-Rail Energy Railgun Rifle

This makes the third "Railgun" I've made thus far! Bringing my energy bullets to yet another firearm, this one utilizing the energy sniper rounds! ... Only if you charge it up completely, though. The velocity multiplier plus the penetration power of these sniper rounds means you're going to one tap almost any enemy in the game.

Or you can spam fire it, and the energy rifle rounds can do a decent amount of damage in itself. Consider your choices and challenge the odds with this railgun!

I finally managed to make this gun Kuromi! I had it in my mind to make it since I asked for those sound effects 8 months ago... And Cityrobo indirectly helped make this gun a reality by filling out those various, useful scripts for other people's projects! Hooray!


Charge the shot for a boosted damage output! Also comes with an integrated reflex sight and a slap point! Aim for the handle's stem to guarantee the slap!

The rear grip on this gun is offset, and I think this is the only gun to make an attempt of an offset gripped gun. Hopefully it doesn't trip you up too much.

Picatinny is the only mount available but there sure is plenty up down and around this rifle!

Sources and Credits

Assets come from the game Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare

Many thanks to Kirloper for his COD asset repo!

Available versions

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2023-6-5 1.0.0 2353 Version 1.0.0 Install