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Krytac LMGE

Dualfed, ModulAR LMG, with a touch of fiction it gets the pass for the Ftrmarket.

Date uploaded 5 months ago
Version 2.0.1
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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.3.0
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H3VR Utilities is a dependency mod that is required for many custom items.

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Krytac LMG-Enhanced Dual Feed LMG

I love LMGs. I especially love the M249 SAW, the dual feed mechanism is one of a kind...

So given the opportunity to implement a semi fictional, dual feed AR15 LMG, it sung all the right notes for me.


And for Meat's creative fanbase of Modul enthusiasts, Meatkit lets me have an easy time applying Modularity, enums and non-playmode spawning made this much easier to accomplish.

And for those like me who prefer Standalone over Modul, do not fret, this weapon comes standalone first as a complete package, and its not a prebuilt so no floating attachments to cause lag or whatevs.

Modul related tips

The triggers are tall, so if you aim near the place they should go, they should engage to their attachment points. For stocks, you might need to stow the weapon in your quickbelt first, then apply them, cuz even with tall colliders they just hate having to go far in order to attach to their point.

If you attach a modul handguard / barrel, the related vanilla attachment mounts will be disabled. If you attach vanilla attachments to your vanilla handguard / barrel, the modul attachment enums for them will be disabled. This allows for no "minecraft block floating in midair" shenanigans to occur with those looking to customize this gun.

The points are best fitted (hours of Unity and in game testing, I really tried here despite me not liking Modul mods for this reason) but I ain't aiming for perfect quality, this model was a pain to work with and it isn't something of amazing quality like what Meat has. Above all else, I hope you have fun with this, and if someone else wants to make an even better version, go for it!

Sources and Credits

Assets come from the game "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands". All thanks to PLOOF's superhighway of an asset discord server that I was able to encounter these assets.

V2 Update --- More More More!

More belt boxes, more weapons, more bullets on your belt! This update adds a 50 round, 75 round, and 150 round belt box to further flesh out any custom kits out there! There is also subtle skins, "USA" and "Cartel", thrown on there as freebies! The belt itself was expanded on as well as the baseline magazines tweaked to accomodate it. Overall my love for Belt Display Data shall not faulter and I'll look into more LMGs to add. The "Belted" type LMGs with no rounds, all belt, are my next challenge.


V1.0.1 -- Fixed minor annoying oversight, rift users can now use this gun

v2.0.0 -- Big Addon patch, included two sourced skin variations w/ skinned beltboxes, as well as three more unique belt boxes for the Krytac. BDD updated to utilize new beltboxes. A fair warning -- If you use the mag drop feature with the belt boxes while you have a belt still attached, the magazine grab trigger glitches out permanently. Strange!

V2.0.1 -- Charging Handle update. Handle swivels out when grabbed, as it should. Didn't do enough research on this airsoft gun lmao.