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Peacekeeper Assault Rifle

The name better not be an oxymoron, else I'm getting my money back.

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The Peacekeeper Assault Rifle

First, they put an embezzeled armor on a horse. Next, they introduced post launch weaponry. With the Peacekeeper comes a history behind it. No matter what part of the future it may come from, the Peacekeeper is there to, well, keep the peace. Its doing a terrible job at it tho.

Not to disgrace the gun itself, it's an above average rifle with the capabilities to go against armored sosigs. Its an easy gun to pick up, and can do plenty of carrying throughout those TNH runs, or wherever you find yourself trapped with it.


That stock can fold alright, and it can host STANAG magazines. The Peacekeeper's magazine is not a STANAG, though.

Picatinny and Muzzle mounts available to push what can be done with it!

Sources and Credits

Assets come from the game Call of Duty, Black Ops 4

The variations from BO2 and BO3 have different paintjobs if I remember correctly. Maybe someone can use this gun as the blueprints to find those other two? Who knows.

Thank you Kirloper for your assets repo!


V1.1.0 -- Added 9mm Mount Compatibility. If the FTRProof pack is installed, the mount will be available as a secondary.

V1.1.1 -- Fixed bolt empty input causing spam in logs. Sorry VIP for the false bug report!! T.T

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