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Rampart 17 Battle Rifle

What if the Germans made the SCAR?

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The Rampart-17 Battle Rifle

This really was a last second addition to the Space Race Advent Calendar. No disrespect for what SSGT Cheese or Angry Noob tried to do, but I thought if I didn't do it, there would be a bad precidence on BO4 weapons as a whole.

This rifle is of similar nature to the SCAR rifles, in fact, so similar that it can host their magazines. A slightly boosted rate of fire at the cost of the lack of a bolt release, because, of course, the bolt don't lock back once the last bullet is fired.


Integrated laser pointer and them foldable sights are features of the gun, while it can host magazines from the SCAR series, even the drum!

Muzzle and Picatinny mounts are available for your leizure.

Sources and Credits

Assets come from the game Call of Duty, Black Ops 4

Thank you Kirloper for your assets repo!


V1.0.1 -- Minor but somewhat important coloring update, but rather to match it better with BO4's hypercolorful FDE, this update intends to match better with Meats ModulSCAR, specifically the FN40 Picatinny UB Grenade Launcher.


This change was made because apparently there was a cut Operator Mod for the Rampart-17 to have an underbarrel grenade launcher. The closest thing we have to that nade launcher is Meat's FN40 Grenade Launcher, so yeah! TIL.

Also fixed the typo in the manifest description.

V1.0.2 -- So the textures, may they look right in Unity Editor, were off in H3VR. So I extracted Meats FNGL 40's FDE Texture and used a little bit of photoshop magic to match my Rampart FDE textures with it.

With a hint of irony, the FDE is now more pronounced than the source material, so I am now eating my V1.0.1 words.

Also, Rampart Magazine is now 30 rounds, just like the source material, even if it don't look like 30 rounds.

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