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SWAT RFT Assault Rifle

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The SWAT RFT Assault Rifle

Truth be told, I never got along with the SG55X series of rifles. In Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline, they were so bland and unappealing, and yet I always found someone else using them extensively. In Black Ops 2, the SG rifle equivalent, the SWAT 556, was a burst only rifle, and to me that appeared to be hitting a demographic only for that purpose.

With the SWAT RFT, it's hitting some right notes with me. Despite not being an ace in any field, a middle of the road weapon, it has a profile that sits right with me. 5.56 slaps in H3, and therefore, you can do plenty of damage with this gun in hand.

That being said, it's source material shows signs of flaws in terms of the weapon's bolt system. In the source material, it doesn't reciprocate, and hell, even a full reload, the charging handle is rotated, but not slid back like it should be. So, creative liberties well needed, the bolt functions exactly like a regular SG550 do. A fictional branch of the SG series of rifles, still delivering a satisfying punch like any other.


All the standard fanfare of the SG550, from the mag latch to the mag and bolt releases. Picatinny and Muzzle mounts as well!

Planned Updates

I need a drum for this sucker. I think we might get crossed over with MW '19. They had a drum, right? An SG series rifle deserves a drum.

Sources and Credits

Assets come from the game Call of Duty, Black Ops 4

Thank you Kirloper for your assets repo!


V1.0.1 -- COMPLETE TEXTURE OVERHAUL. Literally all the materials were wrong in one way or another. These new textures and texture tweaks will bring the gun closer to the way it looks in the sauce material.

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2023-6-13 1.0.1 2729 Version 1.0.1 Install
2023-6-5 1.0.0 923 Version 1.0.0 Install