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Barrett has quite the competition.

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The XPR-50 Cal Anti-Material Rifle

Need more long boys for your collection? Look no further. Another anti tank rifle with that good ol' 50 BMG. Originally a Black Ops 2 staple, brought into the jetpacking sequel as one of the last black market additions, still is as deadly in either case.

Very similar to the M107 in terms of performance, it does have some similar features such as the reciprocating barrel. However, a single stack magazine means less capacity compared to the M107, but you don't look into snipers for their high capacity magazines, right?


There is a bipod on this bad boy, but otherwise, its your run of the mill AMR.

Muzzle and Picatinny mounts available if you want to go crazy with it. A scope, of course, is a hard recommend.

Sources and Credits

Assets come from the game Call of Duty, Black Ops 3

The gun's first appearance was Black Ops 2 though, lets get our trivia straight!

Thank you Kirloper for your assets repo!

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