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Bomb Lance

Have you ever wanted a giant Lance that shoots an explosive harpoon? No? Well here it is anyways.

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Bomb Lance

Made by Prime VR!

This is the one and only Bomb Lance! A ficticional Explosive Harpoon Launcher that doubles as a giant Spear.

Model is from Hunt: Showdown, features a completely custom firing mechanism in H3, to use this you just put the harpoon in the chamber, attach the crank and pull it back to load the spring. after that just fire with the trigger and wait for the explosion! And also doubles as a surprisingly effective Melee Weapon.

This was an awesome project to work on, and i'm quite proud of how it turned out so i hope you enjoy this.

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For any bugs or improvements please feel free to contact me on discord @Prime VR#7734



  • Disabled Crank debug colored lines


  • Fixed Category


  • Initial Release

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