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Wolf ET map pack

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory map pack for the KOTH gamemode.

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Wolf ET map pack

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory map pack for KOTH gamemode.

Thank you for playing my map pack. The plan is to have the base maps from Wolf ET.

First finished map is Fueldump, next map I plan to work on is Oasis. In total there will be 6 maps to choose from.

If you've played Wolf ET you know what all the maps are, but please don't tell me whitch you would like to see next. I'll do them or try to do them all in whatever order I want :)

If I feel like it, I'll do TnH versions of the maps. No promises :)

All credits go to Splash Damage

My discord -> Prometheuz#7879

Found a bug or wanna give me a feedback? You can contact me on discord or any of the modding discords.

Map name Progress
Fueldump Done
Oasis WIP
??????? 0%
??????? 0%
??????? 0%
??????? 0%

Update Log

  • 1.0.0 Initial release


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