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Flash Shield BothVersions

Only install ONE version of this mod! Adds a functioning flash shield to the game. Includes both the Righty and Lefty versions. Because this shield is technically a gun, it cannot change orientation like a vanilla H3 shield.

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Flash Shield (Both Versions)

Only install ONE version of this mod! Installing more than one at a time will break all your Sideloader mods!

Download this TNH character so you can easily unlock the flash shield in the item spawner!

This version includes both the Righy and Lefty version of the shield. Because this shield is "technically" a gun, it cannot change orientation like a vanilla H3 shield.

Adds a functioning flash shield to the game. The shield is powered by 23mm "Batteries"; spawn one from the ammo spawner, open the "battery compartment" with a side press on the touchpad, insert the "battery", and close it with another touchpad press. Activate the flash with the trigger when necessary, and then you can open the "battery compartment" up again and tilt the shield to discard the empty "battery". Note that opening the "battery compartment" primes the flash system, indicated by the status light turning green: if you hit the trigger while it's open on accident, you can just open and close it again to re-arm it. In terms of protection, the center of the shield is strongest and nearly impenetrable. Rifle rounds and more powerful can penetrate the glass if they come in at a solid angle, so mind how you fight! Also features some fancy parallax-enabled custom bullet impact decals and sounds, because getting shot at is scary and inconvenient.

Credits All assets from Modern Warfare '19

What the hell is a 23mm battery? Okay, nerd, I'll break kayfabe for you. The shield achieves its flash effect using the KS-23's flashbang shells, which are the ammo you need to spawn and load into it. For convenience's sake, I recommend vaulting a shield with a shell loaded so you don't need to get the ammo spawner out every time you use it. If you're technically curious: Because H3's zvezda shells fire a magical flashbang grenade instead of being a flashbang shell, the "muzzle" of the shield is pointed inwards towards itself to get it to detonate immediately. This also means you can't load and use any projectiles to create a funny lethal shield.


[1.0.2] 2022-5-11

  • Added link to "Flash Shield Unlocker"

[1.0.1] 2021-12-15

  • Updated descriptions

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