Mods uploaded by Smidgeon

Implements mag tapping into the game, where the magazine has to be pushed into a weapon to be properly seated, the 'tap' in 'tap, rack, bang'. Requires Stovepipe mod, but you can simply disable it.
Last updated: 20 hours ago
Now featuring double-feed failures for Handguns as well as ARs/BRs/SMGs! Watch video on Thunderstore for a showcase. More high quality default positions thanks to @drummerdude2003. Implements graphical stovepipe and double-feed failures to weapons.
Last updated: 2 days ago
Bullet Grab
Grab bullets
Last updated: 4 months ago
Latch Grab
This mod allows you to engage the latch mechanism on pistols, as well as some rifles (SKS, M14, etc.), so that you can load them. Touch LEFT on the trigger to do it.
Last updated: 2 years ago
MP5 Thumb Slap
Ever wanted to be able to slap your bolt with your thumb like a professional? Well now you can!
Last updated: 2 years ago