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CZ75 Ftrhours NEXXXT

A weekend ritual...

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CZ75 "Ftrhours" NEXXXT

Before I made skins for H3VR, I was in a very dark place. One of the few things that I kept watching was a vrchat series of all things. Talents of a different kind. Too bad they took that away from me, too.

Stemmed the birth of a project that I kept to myself. The Article project. A project that captured videos and kept them archived as platforms began taking more of them away. Some videos I have, they're shut down everywhere else...

It isn't like the content itself is anything nasty, but its the risk they take by uploading and livestreaming such content on platforms ruly and strict that compels me.

Had I not entered the world of H3VR modding, I wonder what sort of manic state I'd be in, obsessing over these videos I gather that aren't anything special.


V1.0.1 -- Stock applied? Will remove tail. No more NSFW bool

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