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IW Warfighter PlayerBody

The Poster Child of Infinite Warfare. Can only be found in H3MPs Body Wristmenu Panel.

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A whole new loader

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My Destiny Weapon Script

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Lots of cool scripts, why don't you give em a try? can't Unity? Shame.

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H3MP - Multiplayer Mod

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Infinite Warfare Warfighter PlayerBody

H3MP wristmenu exclusive, as I've grown a bit weary on bloating the backpack category. Only if the PlayerBody offers a secondary would I consider putting it in the item spawner.

The Warfighter is one of a dozen or so IW MP characters, and can be found in the covers and title screens of the game. Infinite Warfare was the last game to feature faceless, voiceless grunts as the main cast of MP characters. ATVI decided to give personalities and voices to our player and our players teammates / targets. I never had interest in such a move but as the push for store bundles became the selling priority, it seems as though we will never turn this ship back around.

The Warfighter is here in H3VR now. Best paired with Infinite Warfare weaponry, as it should be obvious! Make the most of it.

(Gloves are a bit scuffed on the tops but it won't interfere with gameplay. Still learning as I go when it comes to PBs!)

Model is from Infinite Warfare, thanks to Kirloper's repo for hosting it!

Also, thanks to Jerry's template, PlayerBodies are easy to make! Thanks Jerry!


V1.1.0 -- Fixed Hands. They look better in Idle while also retaining their grab poses. This really was a pain and I always think it could be improved on, but this is still a victory nonetheless.

V1.1.1 -- Added Catcher Cams. Activate them by toggling the right thigh.