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Kapitans Volksturm Proto 0082 NEXOTIC

Innovation is starved with whats propietary.

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A whole new loader

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Mod Smarter, not Harder.

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Kapitan Greythorne's Volksturm Prototype 0082 NEXOTIC

An excuse to use that charge up script Cityrobo made for me so long ago. A matrix looking Volksturmgewehr where inserting the magazine charges the gun for you.

Having Kapitan do the heavy lifting with his BFV variation made implementing this real easy, but I still needed to apply a few alterations to these things.

I wonder if Mr Modder will get stumped by this, having no charging handle is quite a different take on a firearm~


Assets from the game Call of Duty - Vanguard

Kirloper won't talk to me anymore :(, but thanks for the assets, even if these thanks go unnoticed...


V1.0.1 -- Fixed hidden bottom rail mount

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