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Lemo PlayerBody

Time to bring the rave to them! Can only be found in H3MPs Body Wristmenu Panel.

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Lemo PlayerBody

Another weebtastic addition to the collection, the next anime waifu PlayerBody is Lemo, a cyberneko VRChat avatar which is top notch in quality! I could not pass on getting this model converted into MMD (especially since a conversion I've seen made before me had no physics, boo), and I can say the same for getting it converted for H3.

All sorts of DynamicBones are in play, so much so that I worry about finding some sort of threshold... But no, it's good, it worky! And the results are amazing.

Lemo was made by Symfamilia, and if you're interested in having this model in VRChat, you can find it here --

Thank you to Jerry for allowing me to fulfill my PlayerBody dreams with that template of yours!


V1.0.1 -- Made dynamicbone changes. Found an online resource with recommended values for these bones.. They work for H3, too.

V1.0.2 -- Damage/Death Emotes added, thank you Jerry for the care package!

To have the Hurt Emotes work, you need to activate the "Light" Player Hit Effects

Options Panel > Simulation Settings > "Light" Player Hit Effects

V1.0.3 -- Hit Emotes weren't quite right, this fixes that

V1.0.4 -- Added Catcher Cams. Activate them by toggling the right thigh.