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Lena PlayerBody

Fun is sure to follow! Can only be found in H3MPs Body Wristmenu Panel.

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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.3.0
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My Destiny Weapon Script

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Lots of cool scripts, why don't you give em a try? can't Unity? Shame.

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H3MP - Multiplayer Mod

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Lena Cocktail PlayerBody

Pop the champagne, we got ourselves another anime avatar for the weebs! This one I'm very familiar with, as it was showcased and demonstrated by PianoCatVR, very briefly but establishing a connection nonetheless.

With the files at hand its surprising how simply this avatar is, and it goes to show you don't need high fidelity all the time for high quality.

Do enjoy responsibly!

Lena Cocktail was made by virtual_himura --

Thank you to Jerry for the Template, and thank you Cityrobo for the Dynamic Bones package!


V1.0.1 -- Damage/Death Emotes added, thank you Jerry for the care package!

To have the Hurt Emotes work, you need to activate the "Light" Player Hit Effects

Options Panel > Simulation Settings > "Light" Player Hit Effects

V1.0.2 -- Emotes fix, although the death emotes still a tiny bit buggy, but not as bad as before.

V1.0.3 -- Added Catcher Cams. Activate them by toggling the right thigh.